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Denison’s bioreserve celebrates its 50th anniversary

November 7, 2017 The Denisonian News 0

Sanaya Attari ‘20 The Denison bioreserve isn’t just a place dedicated to intensive field research, it also provides a safe haven for all the different habitats and species the area can support. For 50 years and counting, students have been using the reserve to conduct field experiments, or to take [...]

Refugee Awareness Month opens up conversations on campus

November 7, 2017 The Denisonian News 0

Isabella Antonelli November may be known as the beginning of cold weather and preparing for annual Thanksgiving feasts, but more importantly, it’s Refugee Awareness Month. From November 6-10th, a group of students led by Madina Khudaynazar ‘19, an international studies major from Boston, are leading a week of events for [...]

KYLE headlining D-Day was “really, really average”

November 7, 2017 Savannah Delgross Arts and Life 0

Savannah Delgross and Grace Rooney The indoor track of the Mitchell Center transformed into a cesspool of millennial madness for the 2017 D-Day concert. It was packed with intoxicated students snapchatting, fist pumping (do people still say that?) and pretending to know the lyrics to the rap songs of this [...]

La Fuerza Latina hosts Dia de Los Muertos

November 7, 2017 The Denisonian Arts and Life 0

Noor Qadri Students couldn’t help but enjoy their time at El Dia de los Muertos celebration, hosted by La Fuerza Latina, an organization on campus that promotes awareness of Latin culture. Attendees snacked on soft sugary bread and decorated sugar skulls with frosting.   On November 2, the organization hosted [...]

Burpees 24-hour show fundraises for hurricane relief

November 7, 2017 The Denisonian Arts and Life 0

Nina Cosdon At exactly 10 p.m. on Saturday night, Herrick Auditorium was filled with applause as the audience gave Burpee’s Seedy Theatrical Company a standing ovation. They were cheering not just for a great show, but for the Burpees’ successful completion of 24-hours of nonstop improvisation. An impressive feat, but [...]

A dire need for a better Health center

November 5, 2017 The Denisonian Opinion, Staff Editorials 0

STAFF EDITORIAL Particularly in a small town like Granville with limited access to other healthcare options, Whisler Health Center is the primary resource for healthcare services for Denison students. All around campus are promotions for people to take control of their health – posters inside the bathroom stalls discussing proper [...]