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Off the Hill 11/5/13

November 5, 2013 The Denisonian News, World and Local News 0

LOCAL @KenyonHookups on Twitter may be sexual misconduct Kenyon Collegian A twitter account known as “@KenyonHookups” was shut down recently after posting five pictures of students in intimate positions at several parties at the Gambier school. The account was deleted before the college could investigate, but the Title IX coordinator [...]

Denison hosts First Annual Fair Food Festival

November 5, 2013 The Denisonian News 0

If you thought slavery was a thing of the past, you are mistaken. Sadly, modern day slavery is still a prevalent issue for the United States. The 1st Annual Food Festival  held on campus a couple weeks ago (Oct. 14) created awareness about modern day slavery as well as the [...]

Clearing up the smoky air

November 5, 2013 The Denisonian News 0

By Jake Deanie Special to The Denisonian DCGA is proposing a resolution to discourage students from smoking on A-Quad. Steven Hix, DCGA treasurer,  is taking the lead as he drafted the bill entitled “Clean Air, Healthy Student Resolution.” The purpose of this resolution is to “encourage people to take second-hand [...]

D-Day 2013: Celebrating artists and students

October 31, 2013 Kristof Oltvai News 0

If there were something different about D-day 2013, it was not only the 1,500 students who crowded Mitchell Athletic Center, it was also  the students themselves, and the whole community. This year’s D-Day saw several changes from last year. One significant addition was a campus cookout on the Reese-Shackleford Common [...]

Keenan: Confucianism a “fragile flower” in China today

October 31, 2013 Kristof Oltvai News 0
Keenan: Confucianism a “fragile flower” in China today

“The rise of China isn’t only an economic event. It’s a cultural one,” says David Brooks of The New York Times. “The ideal of a harmonious collective may turn out to be as attractive as the ideal of the American Dream. It’s certainly a useful ideology for aspiring autocrats.” This [...]

DITA One-Acts gives strong showcase amid iffy beginnings

October 30, 2013 Kristof Oltvai Arts and Life 0

Saturday night, the stage was set for a solid evening. Crowds pushed latecomers in Burke’s Black Box Theatre to the scaffolds, although President Weinberg managed a center-stage seat. I daresay neither he nor this reviewer were disappointed by what followed. The Denison Independent Theatre Association (DITA) pulled off one of [...]