Wednesday 26th July 2017,
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I menstruate and I’m proud of it

March 28, 2017 The Denisonian Opinion 0

JESSICA LEEDS RICHMAN ’20 Arts & Life Editor I menstruate and I am proud of it. Since the age of 14 I have been privy to the the monthly shedding of the uterine lining, or endometrium as the medical world calls it. As women, our periods are usually shamed and [...]

Fredo: literally the best dog

March 28, 2017 The Denisonian Opinion 0

CHLOE SFERRA ‘20 News Editor Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend clearly never had a pet. Over spring break, my family unexpectedly had to put down my loving red fox lab. Everyday I think about the fact that I will never get to see his puppy face or [...]

Why I’m disappointed that Chance The Rapper is headlining Lollapalooza

March 28, 2017 The Denisonian Opinion 0

EMMA STANCEY ‘18 Arts & Life Editor This year, Chance the Rapper will headline Lollapalooza, a world-renowned music festival in his hometown of Chicago. It’s a huge honor, no doubt. For a record-breaking rapper like Chance, who’s notoriously independent, this is truly a feat. Chance officially played at Lollapalooza in [...]

From diversity to inclusivity

March 28, 2017 The Denisonian Opinion 0

LAN LE ‘19 Special to The Denisonian Theoretically, we all hear and believe that “diversity enhances learning experience.” There are explanations to this statement. According to a U.S News article, a diverse learning environment “enables students to interact with a bigger circle of people to whom they associate or develop [...]

Uniting humanities and STEM majors

March 28, 2017 The Denisonian Editor's Corner, Opinion 0

KAITLYN SPECHT Editor-in-Chief Though many of us come to a liberal arts college with an interest in a variety of subjects, there are also many of us who find they despise a particular subject. More than that, we might actually berate or degrade some of these subjects. Even before I [...]

Senior students start Midwest Student Coalition for Climate Action

March 28, 2017 The Denisonian Features 0

TANZEN ANGERT Features Editor The Midwest Student Coalition for Climate Action began with an idea. This idea was formed by senior environmental studies major Liam McIlroy. This idea came from his inner drive to contribute to the activism world in a way that satisfied himself longer than a phone call [...]