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Denison Enterprises provides real-life business experiences

November 15, 2017 Casey Trimm Features 0

Interested in any areas of business, entrepreneurship or marketing? Take a closer look at Denison Enterprises. Denison Enterprises was founded in 2014 by a group of students who were interested in and wanted to learn more about entrepreneurship and gaining real life business experience. Their aim is to bring student-run [...]

It’s okay to not be okay: are we facing a mental health epidemic?

November 9, 2017 The Denisonian Opinion 0

Manvi Jalan ’18 The first time I accepted I was depressed, I found myself walking out of a choir class in a stupor, trembling in the warm September air. I sat with a friend and told him I finally realised what he had been trying to tell me for months [...]

Brian Allen ’17 elected as Recent Student Trustee

November 8, 2017 Savannah Delgross Features 0

In the near future, Brian Allen ‘17 might have an office on the second floor of Doane, overlooking the Hill, with a shiny nameplate on his desk that says, “President Brian Allen.” “Perhaps, when Dr. Weinberg’s ready to retire, I’ll be ready to be president,” said Allen, jokingly. Allen is on [...]

Inspire, Diversify, Move.

November 7, 2017 Taylor Shook Arts and Life 0

They call themselves IDM for short— and they are the hottest new group on campus. The hip-hop dance crew made their debut at the D-Day performances on Friday evening in front of Slayter Hall. “The first performance’s emphasis was making our mark and bringing a new style to Denison’s culture,” [...]

The Etymology of Bitch

November 7, 2017 Rachel Epstein Editor's Corner, Opinion 0

“Let me explain to you what being a bitch is,” says drag queen Latrice Royale in season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. My ears perk up.  Royale continues, “Being in total control of herself.” The first time someone called me a bitch, I was 13. I was in the cafeteria [...]

Denison’s bioreserve celebrates its 50th anniversary

November 7, 2017 The Denisonian News 0

Sanaya Attari ‘20 The Denison bioreserve isn’t just a place dedicated to intensive field research, it also provides a safe haven for all the different habitats and species the area can support. For 50 years and counting, students have been using the reserve to conduct field experiments, or to take [...]