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I’m so ready to go home, but not without reflection

I’m so ready to go home. Who’s with me? My sophomore year has been a damn mess… a mess that I wouldn’t want to change for the world though. While I thought I learned so much during my first year [...]

May 11, 2018 Editor's Corner, Opinion

An Open Letter to the Republican Party

The Republican Party as we know it is closing in on death. What was once the party of Lincoln, Reagan and Eisenhower is long gone and it has instead been replaced with racism, bigotry and white-supremacy. I’m ashamed to consider [...]

May 11, 2018 Editor's Corner, Opinion

Litter is not Kind

Each time someone posts in the Denison Student Body page on Facebook, my phone notifies me with a resounding ding. I’m sure this daily interjection is something I could fix in my settings, but the ensuing updates are generally informative [...]

May 10, 2018 Editor's Corner, Opinion

Hey fellas, I have a sports opinion

As a big sports fan I often get in debates about different athletes and teams, specifically my Cavs and Lebron James. Sometimes my opinion is respected and listened to fairly- but only sometimes. More often than not I hear things [...]

May 10, 2018 Editor's Corner, Opinion

The NBA is the best it has ever been

Today’s NBA is better than it has ever been before. Take a look at some of the athletes around the league. Russell Westbrook just found a way to match his MVP campaign from last season by averaging a triple double. [...]

May 10, 2018 Editor's Corner, Opinion

It’s hard to keep up with the world off the Hill

Ever since coming to Denison, I’ve noticed how easy it is to disconnect from everything going on in the rest of the world. At home when I came downstairs for breakfast the news was always on, so it was easy [...]

April 16, 2018 Editor's Corner, Opinion