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Leveraging our privilege: Being a devil’s advocate undermines POC issues

OMARI GARRET ’21 SPECIAL TO THE DENISONIAN Free speech is under attack. Still reading? Okay, listen, there is a problem; white nationalism. It is spreading across college campuses around the world, specifically the U.S.. Recently, campus republicans at Columbia University invited white nationalists Mike Cernovich and Tommy Robinson to speak on campus this semester. This [...]

September 13, 2017 The Denisonian Opinion 0

Worries from an older sister

He makes fun of my crooked parking job. He claims the entire length of the couch with his long legs. He doesn’t answer my text messages unless it’s to point out some new development on the Avengers movies. Basically, he makes me roll my eyes on a daily basis. Younger siblings can be a pain, [...]

September 13, 2017 Kaitlyn Specht Editor's Corner, Opinion 1

Hey there, what’s your major?

As a first-year, there are a whole lot of new things coming at you fast: living away from home, figuring out which dining hall to eat at and trying to keep your course work under control. When you’re in this whirlwind trying to figure out an effective path for the next four years, it honestly [...]

September 13, 2017 Brooke Holland Opinion 0

A testimony to a Curtis West bathroom

MARINA GENTILCORE ’21 SPECIAL TO THE DENISONIAN A community bathroom is a community bathroom. There’s no getting around it. Privacy becomes a thing of the past, and you find yourself in close quarters with everyone else. It’s not uncommon to bump elbows with someone while brushing your teeth, or to hear someone belting out showtunes [...]

September 13, 2017 The Denisonian Opinion 0

America will never be post-racial

This summer has taught me many lessons, many of which have allowed me to grow as a person, from forming stronger bonds with friends to getting closer with distant family to meeting new people. But I learned a valuable lesson this summer, something I felt the need to share with all of the Denison student [...]

September 10, 2017 Josh Lee Opinion 0

Oops…my bad: this one’s on me

400,000 Americans died during World War II fighting against Fascism and Nazi Germany according to the National WWII Museum. 400,000 Americans fought to liberate the world of evil and anti-semitism. 400,000 Americans performed the ultimate sacrifice to ensure all people were free and treated equally. 400,000 Americans died fighting exactly what has developed in American [...]

September 10, 2017 Nathaniel Beach News, Opinion 0