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Survival guide to being Black at a PWI

“It’s not easy being Black in America.” If you grew up in a Black household, you’ve probably heard various forms of this statement from your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great-great grandparents, etc. However when we leave home for our university, our family is not there to support or reassure us every single day. This is [...]

February 19, 2018 Josh Lee Editor's Corner, Opinion 0

Let’s change AP style for my sanity and the Oxford comma

We all have things we love. Things we hold near and dear to our hearts. Things we are willing to fight for. I will fight for the equal treatment of women. I will fight for Monsters, Inc. to be considered the greatest movie of all time. I will fight to uphold everyone’s first amendment rights. [...]

February 19, 2018 Nina Cosdon Blog, Opinion 0

The Joker to my Batman: Slayter Mustard

DAVID RIVAS– I got let out of my final class of the day around 4:20 p.m. last Wednesday, and like most students who forget to schedule lunch into their school days, I was hungry for a meal. So, in order to fill the void in my stomach, I decided to grab a bite to eat [...]

February 19, 2018 The Denisonian Blog, Opinion 0

Celebrate Black History all year long

STAFF EDITORIAL– Lucky for us, through our Denison education we are fortunate enough to be provided with a strong Black Studies department with informative course offerings and extremely intelligent, passionate professors. Through these courses and professional insights, we are exposed to significant cultures and historical events that shaped not only the Black community, but the world. [...]

February 19, 2018 The Denisonian Opinion, Staff Editorials 0

Galentines is for the Gals

A day more special than Valentine’s, Galentines has always held an important place in my heart. For me, Valentines is a silly holiday. Whether it’s because there doesn’t need to be just one day to celebrate love or because it is a holiday constructed to get people to spend money right as the holiday season [...]

February 19, 2018 Chloe Sferra Blog, Opinion 0

A letter to Philadelphia from a Giants fan

OPINION– Dear Philadelphia, I really don’t like you. I think your fans are obnoxious. I think your teams belong in mediocrity. I think you threw snowballs at and booed Santa. I just don’t like you. But congrats. Seriously. From a New York fan. While seeing you guys win is not easy, it was the better [...]

February 18, 2018 Joey Semel Opinion, Sports 0