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Local candidates share platforms at Denison

With the primary elections less than a month away, local candidates are making their way around college campuses, such as Denison’s, to make sure students stay informed on who their local candidates are. Licking County has been a historically red [...]

May 10, 2018 News, World and Local News

Climate Conference held for second annual year to promote environmental consciousness

CHLOE SFERRA & SHANTI BASU — When your home is being destroyed will you sit back and watch, or take a stand to make a change? What if that home was everyone’s home, would you do what is necessary to protect it? [...]

May 10, 2018 News, World and Local News

Denison’s library receives generous gift and plans to make improvements

Recently, Denison’s William Howard Doane Library received a gift of $7.5 million from Sue Douthit O’Connell, a member of the class of 1967 and her husband Bob. A major portion of this gift, $5.7 million, will be dedicated to renovations [...]

April 16, 2018 News, World and Local News

Central Asia textile exhibit weaves art and culture on campus

“Feel free to look, touch or even try on!” Words you might not hear everyday when approaching an art exhibit that were offered up this week as students visited the Central Asia textile exhibit displayed in the Curtis Dining Hall. [...]

April 16, 2018 News, World and Local News

Denison Enterprises provides student summer storage with Box!T Program

Ever have difficulty storing your dorm or apartment items over the summer at a cheap price? Denison Enterprises’ Box!T may be able to help. One of Denison Enterprises’ longest running projects, Box!T, is a student-centric business that enables students to [...]

April 16, 2018 News, World and Local News

Record-breaking number of applicants keeps admissions busy

Upon returning from Spring Break, Denison’s campus has been buzzing about the high amount of applications the admissions office was faced with for the incoming Class of 2022. This year Denison received over 8,000 applications, which is a record breaking [...]

April 16, 2018 News, World and Local News