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Whisler tips for having a safe yet fun spring break

March 14, 2018 The Denisonian News, World and Local News 0

HEATHER BORLAND — As Spring Semester midterms and spring break approach, we know students enjoy celebrating their week away. However, as history shows, this can be a risky time of year for students, particularly when it comes to health and safety. Once students have made their travel arrangements, students should also consider [...]

Commencement speaker announced for 177 ceremony

March 14, 2018 Sophia Bellone News, World and Local News 0

James D. Anderson, an educational thought-leader, has been chosen to serve as Denison’s keynote speaker for the 177th commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 19th. Anderson is dean of the College of Education, the Edward William and Jane Marr Gutgsell Professor of Education and affiliate Professor of History at the University [...]

Academic Quad and Slayter project look to next phases

March 14, 2018 Brooke Holland News, World and Local News 0

The Academic Quad and Slayter Union at Denison are hubs that all students pass through at some point during their day, where they find time to catch up with friends and sometimes where events such as fairs or concerts are held. The Facilities Service Team has been working on improving [...]

New Neighbors in Slayter Union: Here’s What’s Happening on the Fourth Floor

March 13, 2018 Shanti Basu News, World and Local News 0

Timeline of Renovations While students soaked up the last of the summer sun, changes were underway on the hill. During the summer, a group of faculty and staff involved with the Slayter fourth floor space met to discuss a series upcoming changes. Renovations of the Slayter fourth floor space were [...]

Reince Priebus goes “off the record” to get personal with Denison students

March 13, 2018 Chloe Sferra News, World and Local News 0

The top of the top, the President’s right hand man and the boss of the house, being Chief of Staff is no party. Especially in a controversial, highly discussed administration, the Chief of Staff position can be put under more scrutiny. Richard Priebus, the first Chief of Staff for President [...]

DCGA whips up student-driven master plan

March 13, 2018 Sophia Bellone DCGA Weekly Report, News 0

On Tuesday, February 20 President Francis Kalombo Ngoy ‘19 and Vice-President Atticus Daniels ‘20 of DCGA introduced a nine point Student-Driven Master Plan to the senate meeting. Both Kalombo-Ngoy and Daniels seek to answer questions such as- What does an improved Denison campus look like? And What does an improved [...]