Thursday 30th June 2016,
The Denisonian

Steroid Usage. Eye-opening Statistics

Statistics of Supplement Usage

Recently, we here at Denison University were graced with the wonderful presence of Donald Hooton, Vice President of The Hooton Foundation, which is dedicated to spreading knowledge about the dangers of Steroids throughout the country. (I am writing a piece that will be issued on this week’s issue of The Denisonian).

As I will go into more detail in the article, there are still a bunch of important thoughts and notions that were left out in the editing process.

For one, The Hooton Foundation reports some very disheartening statistics:

“Quick Statistics:

  • 85% of our kids report they have never had a parent, teacher, or coach speak with them about the dangers of appearance and performance enhancing drugs
  • Fastest growing user group are our high school girls
  • Median Starting Age of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids:  15 years old

o   This number doesn’t include the folks who are unknowingly ingesting these drugs through spiked dietary supplements.

  • Median Starting Age of Dietary Supplements:  10.8 years old
  • 20-25% of Over the Counter Dietary Supplements are spiked with Anabolic Steroids and Stimulants, many laboratories estimate those numbers are much higher.”

They also give out information such as the picture posted, which is very telling and scary.Statistics of Supplement Usage

More information can be found on their website


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