Monday 15th September 2014,
The Denisonian
Students wait in line for Meal-X on Sunday, Sept. 7.
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Jewell Porter News Editor When students returned to campus a couple of weeks ago, they were surprised to find that Meal-X, the most popular meal option for dinner, underwent multiple changes.  Some of the changes [...]

Tips for landing that first job
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By Cheyanne Cierpial Special to the Denisonian J-O-B. We don’t even say the word in my house; we spell it. Quite frankly, my father doesn’t really understand the value and investment of a liberal arts [...]

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***Spoilers ahead*** Let’s face it: as the summer heats up, so does many an American’s propensity for Netflix binge-watching. Often, this marathon streaming is reduced to the umpteenth reality TV series about weddings, or the [...]

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STUDENT SPOTLIGHT:  Grace Bachmann ‘17 By Matthew Pennekamp Forum Editor The village of Dindefelo, home to roughly 1,400 Senegalese, is perched on the edge of one of Africa’s more famed waterfalls, far from the trappings [...]

freshmen of denison

Freshmen of Denison

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By David Allen Sports Editor At the end of last season, DU women’s soccer found themselves on the wrong side of a batch of penalty kicks during the NCAC semi-final, ending the season prematurely.  But [...]