Thursday 24th April 2014,
The Denisonian
William Beatty, 46, from Newark, OH, crashed into Burke Hall on April 17.
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By Debbie Gillum News Editor Emeritus There was some commotion on South Quad Thursday, April 17 when a brief car chase ended with a collision into Burke Hall. The car chase started when Licking County [...]

Courtesy of Nelson Dow
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By Cecilia Salomone Arts and Life Editor DURING MY TIME as Arts & Life editor for our publication, I’ve had to attend a lot of campus events, primarily concerts and plays. I’ve also been responsible [...]

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By Kayla Marks Special to The Denisonian Mitchell Athletic Center was filled to the brim with people who took time out of their weekend to take a stand against cancer. On April 11-12, Denison held [...]

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By Carole Burkett & Emily Shane The Denisonian “Before Hung [Tran] even said anything, I started to cry, because I didn’t think I would [win],” Haley Jones ‘17, from Portland, Ore. said. “I was really [...]

Denison cheerleaders form a pyramid during a football game in the fall. The cheerleading squad is actively recruiting new members for the 2014-15 school year.
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By Andrew Freshcorn Staff Writer What makes a varsity sport a varsity sport? Is it the time commitment, the skill, the hardwork? Because, if it is, then cheerleading should be considered one. A major difference [...]